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Blackseed honey Singapore
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Black Seed Honey

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Habbatul Barakah | Blackseed Honey Singapore

Ancient Benefits of Black Seed Honey

What are the benefits of black seed honey which are becoming so widely recognized? What is it about this ancient food that is prompting more and more of us to learn more and once we’ve learned about its many wonderful benefits, to buy black seed honey?

Black seed honey is honey that has been infused with the oil of the black cumin (also called Nigella Sativa) seed. Black cumin seed has been recognized for centuries throughout India and the Middle East for its healing and anti-inflammatory powers. Healers and spiritual leaders have long praised its power in fighting a wide range of ailments and medical issues. Honey has been recognized throughout the entire world for millennia as the first adult-use superfood, both for its nutritional and healing powers.

When honey is infused with black seed oil, a powerful superfood is created. We can see that the overall health and healing benefits of black seed honey are becoming more and more recognized throughout the entire world. Many medical experts recognize the healing strength of these two ancient food sources when they are combined. Black seed oil honey is especially praised in many medical journals and reports for its success in fighting inflammation, among many other benefits. In fact, some recent medical research recently recognized black seed honey’s healing effects in the fight against coronavirus.

Black seed honey has long been available for sale from many nations in the world. If we are interested in pursuing its health benefits we should start by considering the black seed honey Singapore offers. It is recognized as among the best in the world. If we want to be absolutely sure of buying the very best, we will want to purchase Habbatus Sauda honey.

Why Habbatus Sauda honey? Because the Habbatus Sauda Honey Singapore offers is not created by a mixing machine. It’s created through the power of nature. It is honey made by bees who only feed on the nectar of the Nigella Sativa plant. This naturally infuses the honey with the healthy and powerful black seed oil and creates delicious, healthy Habbatus Sauda Honey Singapore.

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Origin: Egypt
Weight: 300g Net Weight
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from sunlight
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Packaging: Glass Jar
Packaging Size: -
Brand: Ideal's Souq