What Are The Difference Between Types of Honey?

What Are The Difference Between Types of Honey?
Q: What is the difference between all types of honey?

A: Sidr Maliki is a product from Yemen, Our Grade AA Sidr Honey that is of a lighter colour. It has a nice aromatic fragrance, sweet and light taste and is of high quality. 

Sidr Honey is a product from Pakistan. Our Grade A Sidr that is of good quality and has a darker colour as compared to Sidr Maliki. It has a sweet taste and is thicker as compared to the Sidr Maliki. Suitable for all ages.

Sumrah Honey is a mono-floral honey that is extracted by bees from Sumrah flowers’ nectar. It is brownish black in colour and has a sweet & sour taste. It comes in the second rank after Sidr honey.

Black Seed Honey is a product from Egypt. Black Seed Honey is taken from bees that are fed blackseed, so the honey that the bees produce is the original blackseed honey and not the ones that are manually mixed. Not suitable for toddlers or young children, as it might be too strong or heaty for their bodies.

White Honey is a product from Kyrgyzstan. White Honey has a thick & granulated consistency with a rich & delicately sweet taste as it is made from the nectars of flowers. 

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