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Spreading the message to the society about the importance of consuming "Prophetic Medicine", as they are pure and safer for consumption as compared to other medicines which may not be as pure.


250ml | 5 litre | 10 litre


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Real Honey


Don't take our word for it


Bought the Zam2 water a couple of times. Syukur Alhamdullilah & thanks for the great services provided. Will re-order again.

Jufri Joop Jmax

Clementi, Singapore


Bought 1kg Ajwa Dates, 2 x 10L zamzam, 1kg Sidr Maliki and 300g Sidr Maliki. Good informative service on the different types of honey and fast delivery. The Ajwa dates are sweet and chewy. My next order will be Sidr, the thicker honey. Syukran JazakAllahu Khair.

CtHanita Hanan



Alhamdullillah.. Bought 2 btls of Zam Zam water from them.. Delivered on same day itself.. Very prompt & efficient.!! Me would not hesitate to order from them again..!! Thumbs up!!

Khamil N Sasha Mattar

Edgedale Plains, Singapore


Bismillaah.....Prompt service.....The kurma Ajwa is nice....Not that sweet and suitable for diabetic like me......I like the texture too....Will order more next time.....Inshaa Allah

Yazid Lizah

Jurong West, Singapore


Alhamdulillah, a very good and nice honey. Thumbs up!  Barakallahu feek.


Buangkok, Singapore


Alhamdulillah I ordered ajwa and it's the only thing i can stomach at this moment. It's not dry and it's so tender. Even my kids loved it. Thank you for accommodating to my delivery time and sorry to have troubled u in any way. May Allah shower his countless blessings on you..




purchased the 250ml zamzam water bottle of 20s to gift to love ones. And a Sajadah of Haramain Memories (Hope i get the name right). its pretty! so surreal to get the stuffs delivered. i wasnt in, and Aza sms me to notify me on the delivery. Alhamdulillah for İdeal's Souq we can get the zamzam water fix!


Teban Garden, Singapore