Sourced from various region in saudi arabia

Jeddah, Madina, Qassim, Riyadh.

harvest yearly during summer

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Named after our founder, Aidil, Since 2015, Ideal’s Souq is a one-stop-shop for quality Middle-Eastern products. Our aim is to be the ideal choice for healthy snacks and gifts for our customers, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike, as goodness is desired by all.

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Chocolate Dates

Dates-based chocolate treats are rich and smooth and made with only the finest ingredients. Perfect snack for when you want something tasty that satisfies your sweet tooth without adding empty calories!

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Premium Dates

Dates have been a part of human history for thousands of years. They were one of the very first foods we learned to cultivate and process. Today, they are a part of every meal or snack.

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Stuffed dates

The pouch is easy to open, and there's a window on the back to see how many there are. It's ideal for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, for road trips, long runs, hiking, camping. Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten-free.

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Snack Pack (On-the-Go)

15 Snack Pack wrappers per carton. Each wrapper has 3 dates stuffed inside. It's the perfect snack when you're hungry but don't want to eat the whole pack. Grab one of the wrappers and eat the date inside.

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energy balls

These little power balls contain the perfect amount of high-quality protein and carbohydrates to give you an instant lift or as a fuel source during longer workouts.

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Date Truffles

You will love our scrumptious range of date truffle flavours. For freshness and quality, each flavoured date truffle is individually wrapped.

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Date Ingredients

Date Powder, Syrup & Paste is the perfect substitute for refined sugar. It provides a sweet taste derived from dates for use in confectionery, pastry, baked goods, and cereal-based product.

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Date Cookies

Enjoy our butter cookies prepared with date paste and various fillings. Best served with tea or coffee, maamoul (date cookies) are an all-time favourite both for special occasions or as a daily, nutritious snack.

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Pure honey

Honey is the nectar of flowers collected by honey bees. It is a sweet substance found in many forms, including honey, molasses, and syrups. It is the second most-used sweetener after sugar.

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Prayer Mat & Carpets

Our collection originates from the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. We have lots of designs and colours to choose from. Made from top of the line materials, they come in a range of sizes and colours.

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Spreading the message to the society about the importance of consuming "Prophetic Medicine", as they are pure and safer for consumption as compared to other medicines which may not be as pure.

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zamzam water

We are providing a service to the community by supplying zam zam water. It comes in a 5 litre & 250ml bottle. Zamzam water is pure and believe it has numerous benefits, including the ability to heal.

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I Have purchased from Ideal's Souq a few times, and the product quality & price is worth it. Moreover delivery is smooth. Received item well packed in good condition. will continue to place more orders in future.

Juliana K.




Thank you so much for the service. I felt so touched when I saw the video.

Noor H.




We bought zamzam water from Ideal's Souq, Delivery was fast! Very prompt and efficient. would not hesitate to order again! 😊

Khamil & Sasha

Edgedale Plains, Singapore


Bought zamzam water a couple of times with Ideal's Souq. Syukur & Alhamdulillah! Thanks for the great services provided, will order again Insya Allah.

Jufri Joop Max

Clementi, Singapore



Alhamdulilah did Aqeeqah with Ideal's Souq. I'm happy to see that both sheep has been slaugthered. Jazak Allahu Khayran for the photos & videos. Satisfied with Ideal's Souq Service. Will definitely recommend to my friends & families.

Abu Dzar




I ordered Ajwa Dates from Ideal's Souq. It's the only thing i can stomach at this moment. even my kids loved it! Thank you for accommodating to my delivery request. May Allah shower his countless blessings on you...




Alhamdulilah, a very good and nice honey! thumbs up 👍


Buangkok, Singapore

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