We obtain our dates from several regions of Saudi Arabia, including Qaseem, Riyadh, and Madinah. We only package flawless and refined dates which mean you get the maximum value for your money.

We have 5 different types of honey from the Middle East, each with a particular flavour and colour.

We only carry items that we’ve tried (and were delighted by) ourselves. We’re proud to share the latest Ideal’s Souq favourites we know you’ll love.


    Energy Balls

    Energy Balls are high-energy, healthy food snacks that provide quick and easy fuel for busy people on the go. 

    The "energy balls" are packed in a 100-gram resealable pouch, loaded with fruits and nuts and ready to share. Great for snacking, packing in lunches or as a post-workout boost!

    These little power balls contain the perfect amount of high-quality protein and carbohydrates to give you an instant lift or as a fuel source during longer workouts.

    The ultimate portable fuel source for when you are busy! All-natural protein balls are a great way to get your daily protein plus an easy and quick energy boost and they are tasty too!

    Ideal's Souq Middle East Honey