Why Drink Zamzam Water?

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Why Zamzam water is a Blessing and a Lasting Miracle

Zamzam water has unique natural characteristics and satiates pilgrims in Makkah. Find out its miraculous nature and benefits and why you should drink it.

Around 20 meters from the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, lies the Well of Zamzam that miraculously formed millennia ago to satiate Hajar and her infant son Ismail. The story goes that the differences between prophet Ibraheem and his wife, borne out of her jealousy of Hajar, saw him take her and her son away to Makkah and leave them under Allah’s (SWT) protection before returning home.

The well that sprang up that day became Zamzam and has replenished itself ever since after nearly four millennia. Muslims consider Zamzam water as pure and believe it has numerous benefits, including the ability to heal. Today, the well is one of the most visited sites globally, as Muslim pilgrims visit it annually to drink its water.

The Benefits of Zamzam Water

The miraculous well of Zamzam is 30.5 meters deep and is made up of granite rock, while the part above the rocky later is lime and has a constructed well. To date, Muslims commemorate Hajar’s plight with the rite of Sa’ey done during the annual Makkah pilgrimage.

Scholars recommend pilgrims and Muslims at large to drink Zamzam water to commemorate Allah’s (SWT) miracle in coming to the aid of Hajar and Ismail when none other could help her.

Muslims believe in the miraculous benefits of Zamzam drinking water, including curing ailments. However, scholars note that it’s a misconception and wrong to attribute the water with magical powers, which has led to the black market trading of the coveted water.

Below are some properties and benefits of the water:

  1. Enhances Your Cells’ Energy Levels

One of its most fascinating attributes is that the water can increase energy levels and strengthen the cell system inside your body. German scientist Dr. Knut Pfeiffer proved this as accurate with his research.

  1. Zamzam Well and Water Contain No Bacteria or Germs

The water’s high fluoride levels make it completely free of germs and bacteria. Even the well, located in a hot environment, has no growth of algae and other such vegetation, making it free of biological contaminants.

  1. Zamzam well/water is Pure

Due to its perfectly high bicarbonate levels compared to other water sources such as the French Alps, many people consider the water among the purest globally. Dr. Knut Pfeiffer proved that the water is chemically pure, containing 366mg/l of bicarbonates.

  1. Zamzam H2O (Water) Encourages the Growth of Healthy Bones

The water from Zamzam contains high calcium and magnesium levels, which positively enhances the growth of healthy bones.

  1. Healing Properties

Calcium and magnesium also help decrease body fatigue, while the high fluoride levels provide some healing qualities for ailments.

The prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “Water of Zamzam is good for whatever (purpose) it has been drunk.”(Ibn Maajah, 3062) The statement has led many Muslims to believe in the water’s healing properties firmly. Read more about the water’s healing properties here.

  1. Health and Medical benefits

Below are some health benefits of drinking Zamzam water:

  • It helps increase the number of platelets in your blood. It also increases your immunity, white and red blood cells, and detoxifies the body.
  • It reduces the impacts of hunger
  • It helps in weight gain because it nourishes the body with essential minerals
  • It reduces acidity and heartburn due to its alkaline nature
  • Its high fluoride content is good for the teeth
  • It increases eye beauty and brightens the eyesight

Zamzam H2O Never Depletes

According to geology professor Abbas Sharaqi, the water from Zamzam’s well does not deplete because the reservoir connects to a renewable source of groundwater. Muslims consider the water a blessing and urge pilgrims visiting Makkah to bring back some of it after praying for them.

Zamzam well’s source of water is the rain that falls in Makkah. Makkah is a mountainous area, and the well is located in one of the valleys, a low-land area. Professor Sharaqi believes that the well took millions of years to form.

Since the only use of the water from Zamzam is for drinking and not things like agriculture, it depletes at a lower rate. Considering that the area’s climate remains stable and unchanging, the well will continue to exist. The scientific and logical explanation from professor Abbas Sharaqi perfectly fits the context of religious stories.


Zamzam is a miraculous well with a long list of benefits from drinking its water. The water satiates and nourishes pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah. Can’t make it to Makkah? Don’t worry. You can buy a bottle of Zamzam water today from Ideal’s Souq. Contact us today for queries.

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