Dates with Almond - Snack Pack
Dates with Almond (on-the-go) - Ideal's Souq
Dates with Almond - Snack Pack
Dates with Almond - Snack Pack

Dates with Almond - Snack Pack

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Dates stuffed with Almond will make you will find it hard to believe they are as yummy as they are good for you!

Almonds are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, plus they are one of the best food sources of antioxidants. In fact, one ounce (28 grams) of almonds provides more than 30% of the Daily Value (DV) of vitamin E and a significant amount of other B-complex vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Antioxidants are essential for good health and help prevent free radical damage that can lead to many common diseases.

Dates are great for keeping you healthy because they have a natural sweetness that satisfies your craving for sweets. And since they’re a good source of fibre, they help control your blood sugar level.

Snack Pack: 3 Dates in a pack, 16 pack in a box (48 Dates)

Our bite-sized stuffed dates with a variety of nuts serve as a satisfying healthy on-the-go snack in between meals.

*Ingredients: Dates, Almond

* Food Allergy Caution - This Product May Contain Date Pits

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 3 Pieces (30g) 

Calories 101kcal
Total fat 3g 3%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 1mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 20g 7%
Total Sugars 16g -
Protein 2g 4%



+ All about almonds

Almonds are a native tree nut that originates from Southwest Asia. They have a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture.

+ Improve heart health

Eating almonds regularly helps maintain levels of HDL, reduce the risk of heart disease.

+ Maintain blood sugar levels

Almonds help to manage blood sugar levels and improve bone health.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!