Sukkary Galaxy Dates
Sukkari Dates
Sukkary Galaxy Dates
Sukkary Dates Singapore

Sukkary Galaxy Dates

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sukkary dates singapore
Sukkary Galaxy Dates is the highest quality grade among all Sukkary types. 
Sukkary Galaxy Dates are juicy and yielding. Sukkary Dates are the very sweetest and indeed sukkary means ‘the sweet one’. The distinctive yellowish skin of this acorn-shaped date is very creased, and because of the crystallised sugars they contain can be slightly crunchy.
Packed and Distributed by Ideal's Souq in Singapore. 
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Product Details

Origin: Qaseem, Saudi Arabia.
Weight: 1000g Net Weight
Storage: Chilled Refrigeration 
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Packaging: Customised Carton Box
Packaging Size: 25cm X 12cm X 5.5cm
Brand: Ideal's Souq